Monday, October 12, 2009

What Did I Do This Weekend?

What did I do this weekend?

Hmmmm......(as my Little Person would say)

Besides follow all of the action at the Houston Quilt Market,

I cut out these:

I chose an assortment of cool papers:

and I turned them into party invitations for my Little Person's

spooky Halloween party.

Each invitation is made with different doublesided cardstock.

 Here is the "spooky" assortment of invitations.

I would love to invite all of my "blog buddies", but the price of

admission is one SPOOKY costume!

My plan for the party is to recycle and reuse items that I have at home. I already had

all of the cardstock at home and I plan to use the leftover cardstock in other ways.

My decorating budget is going to be $20.00 and we will see just how well I do.

So stay tuned for more!

Until Next Time...Happy Quilting


Annette said...

Your invites are just so cute and clever. Your "little person" is going to have a super party.

Quilt Hollow said...

What a good fun! Photos to follow right? :-)

Jennifer said...

Wow--supermom! Almost time for quilt retreat! I CAN'T wait!!

Sherri said...

Those are the cutest invites! Can't wait to see the decorations! Sounds like you did what I did this weekend...try to find out all about market!

Michelle said...

Those are too cute!

Giddy for Paisley said...

Your invitations are great! I can't wait to see the rest of the decorations.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Well arent you one creative little gal? Those are sooo cute.