Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Next Stop

All aboard for my next trip!

After leaving Houston, I spent one short week of rest with my family, and then it was off to the 3rd annual Quilt Retreat hosted by Lil' Country Shoppe. Who else would I go with, but Mrs. Nook! She went last year and when she returned, I knew that I had to attend the next retreat!

So, away we went to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.
We packed our bags, sewing machines, and tons of fabric! Here is a small glimpse of what we brought. You can never too many projects to work on while you are there (right RED )!

In between working on projects, we did take time to enjoy the sights.

When we saw this house, we immediately fell in love with it! You know how much I love yellow and blue! Can't you just imaging setting up a quilt studio in front of the bay window? One could only dream right!

What did I complete at the retreat? The answer is not much! I started 3 separated projects but didn't complete any of them! I guess that they will get added to my WIP pile and someday I'll revisit them! LOL!
What will be my next stop? Stay tuned and you will see!
Until Next Time.......Happy Quilting!

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