Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Stitcher's Angel is the BEST!

Ok, I know that I am supposed to be blogging about our great adventure, but I need to take a moment to let all of you know that MY Stitcher's Angel is the Best!

Here is why she is the BEST! This afternoon I was coming down my stairs and I heard "knock, knock, knock". Well who could it be but my friend the postman leaving me a package.

As I ran back inside screaming with excitement, I thought wait, get the camera and take a picture! (That is what RED would do!) Back up the stairs I went, only to be disappointed because my camera battery was DEAD! Impossible, that never happens!

So, I put my lovely package on the counter and started making dinner! Bad move because the box kept calling me! It kept saying "Someone special made me! Open me now!"

OHHHHHH.....that darn battery!

Finally enough battery juice to take a picture!

WOW! WOW! WOW! Look at this cute paint bucket! The outer decorations are similar to a purchase that I made! It looks like my favorite Shangi-La fabric by 3 Sisters! When my husband saw it , he said "It looks like you! And the ribbons are a great touch!"

Now I can't stand it anymore..."What's inside?"......The KEY holds the answer!

I love this cute bird pincushion! Right now I am "into" little birds because my husband calls me "his Lovebird"! And it is BLUE! ..."How did she know that I have been looking at this pattern on the Bunny Hill website?"

Next is a stichery pattern from BAREROOTS! I almost fell on the floor because I almost purchased this same pattern at the Long Beach Quilt Show! I walked around with it in my hand and then I chose something else. Maybe a Little Angel whispered in my ear!
Next came a bag of my favorite candies...Skittles and Smarties! ..."How did she know that these are my favorites?"

I am so lucky to have an angel watching over me! I know that she is out there and has somehow figured out all of my favorite things! So, I want MY angel to know that she has made me feel so SPECIAL! Thank you for my gifts! They are more than I could have asked for!

Sleep tight my angel! Someone is also watching over you!

Until Next Time.....Happy Quilting


Red Geranium Cottage said...

WOW what a nice pkg you got. But.....RED would NEVER let her camera battery go dead. That is the first rule of a truly good blogger. ALWAYS have a charged battery to start each day. You just never know when you need to aim and shoot. I'm just sayin!!!

Carol said...

What a wonderful, wonderful treat in the mail!

quilterpolly said...

Tell me how your box came addressed. I want to send my secret angel something but. When I send it how do I keep it a secret? Please tell...