Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Along Came Nina!

I have had this cute little March banner by Joined at the Hip pieced and basted for awhile (2months). UGH!Unfortunately, it got buried under the piles of projects on my sewing table, which is not good! So I decided to tackle some machine quilting and finally finish a project.

I am an eternal "beginner" quilter and my machine quilting is also on the "beginner" level. First, I hate to baste and second, I find that the rhythm that you must achieve between your pressure foot and the hand motion is difficult to achieve. Nonetheless, I insist upon quilting my quilts myself because I want complete the whole process.
Most of my quilting motifs are wavy lines with a few curls thrown in between. I don't do stippling because I either make them "too big" or "too small" and I don't find the motion to be natural for my hands. So this time I decided to branch out a little and quilt the banner with circular swirls or "cinnamon buns".

Everything was going along fine until "Nina" came along! "Nina" is the name that I affectionately gave to Cara's Bernina, which she brought with her when she came to visit me. Cara set up Nina, gave me a demo (and my DH), and let me test out my quilting on her machine. Here are my practice pieces:

Oh, BOY! What a difference! I even got creative and quilted the rest of the banner using this cute little flower!

Here is the completed banner. Do you think that I can convince my DH to get me a "Nina" of my own?

I attended my first quilt meeting with the Friendship Quilters. I took my little banner with me for "show-n-tell"! What a wonderful group of ladies and I can't wait until next month's meeting!

Check back again for updates on my projects and the special gift that I got from my Stitchers' Angel! (Hello to my angel!) Oh yeah....and you too RED !

Until next time.....Happy Quilting!


Mar said...

congrats on a great finish, and congrats on your win too, so nice of you to share with Cara!

Rachelmp said...

Great quilting! I think I need a Nina too....

Libby said...

Nina got your confidence up . . . but look what you did *s* Great finish!

quilterpolly said...

i love joined at the hip:) I have a bunch of there patterns need to finish them I guess:)

Quilt Hollow said...

Just keep trying to quilt little practice muslin sandwiches everyday for a bit of learning to write your name. Soon it becomes 2nd nature. You are right, the machine your using can make a big difference too! It looks fantastic!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Hey little one!!! Love your little bunny banner. But it's not EASTER yet. Where the Halloweenie one???
Nice quilting, tell DH to get you YOUR OWN machine and now!!!! or I'm coming over!!