Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day #1 of Our Great Blogging Adventure

As you know, my gal pal, came to visit me this past weekend! Of course as soon as she got here I caught "the cold" that had been going around my house! I wasn't going to let that ruin my special weekend, so I drowned myself in cold medicine every night! However, I did loose my voice and I did have to spend the weekend wispering to her! Doesn't matter, we had a great time anyway!

Day 1 of our Great Adventure began with a trip to Olde Town Temecula. This area is filled with charming little shops. It is also home one of my favorite quilt stores. I knew that RED lived in the area and I invited her to meet up with us.

We met RED (AKA Sharon) outside The Quilter's Coop ( RED knows this store very well because she has nicknamed it the "Coop"!) Anyway, it was like meeting a long lost friend because I felt like I already knew her!
Before doing our shopping, we headed to Sweet Lump's BBQ for some good old fashioned BBQ and quilters' fellowship! What a great time we had just talking about blogging, quilting, and life in general! We even took a moment to take this cute photo!
After lunch we had to say "goodbye" to RED even though we could have talked (or in my case, whispered) to her for hours! Lets see, how could we get over our sorrow......I know shopping!

At "the Coop" we were overwhelmed by all of cute quilt samples, patterns, and fabulous fabric! However, here is a photo of their version of the Moda U Piece N Plenty BOM. (You know the one that I am WAY behind on!)
(Mar, I thought that you might enjoy seeing this version of the quilt since you are also working on it).
Boy did we shop! Is it bad if you blow your budget on the 1st day at the 1st store that you go to?
I thought that I would add this cute photo of the flag quilt hanging outside of the "Coop." ( If you want a glimpse of the inside of the store, check out my gal pal's photos.)
Next we headed to Rooster Creek!

You know that you are in trouble when there is a BIG HUGE sale sign outside the store! And boy were we in trouble!

Stay tuned for more on our adventure and our LOOT! However I am going to post one last picture. This ones for you RED ! You are AWESOME and I am so glad that we met!

Until Next Time......Happy Quilting!


Mar said...

Well thanks for thinking of my good buddy! I love their version. I'm so behind on mine. Good to hear you had some fun with Cara, you all look so happy!

Quilt Hollow said...

I'm also waaaaay behind on Piece & Plenty....In fact, I haven't even started! I'm the one that convinced three other girlfriends here to do it with me! Seeing the quilt you took for Mar has inspired me to press on and get that worked up! However, could you send me the photo through my email so that I can see it closer? I'd appreciate it!

Libby said...

Rooster Creek is one of my most favorite shops . . . I always manage to find some little goody that MUST come home with me *s* Can't wait to see what you found.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your quilty road trip looks like so much fun! I always love to see inside other people's fave quilt shops - plenty of inspiration. Can't wait to see your Moda BOM completed.

Ruth said...

Thanks for taking a photo of the flag... I really like it!

Ruth xx

Red Geranium Cottage said...

OMG is that some RED love I see there on that table??? Aren't you sweet for thinking of me. I had so much fun with your girlies I cant wait to meet up with you again. I'm needing to go to the Coup and see my BUDDY!!!
Hugs RED!!!

Ravenhill said...

How fun this day looks! I love going shopping with friends!