Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kelly's Giveaway!

As I said before, Cotton Charm Quilts has become my favorite place to shop for Moda fabric! If you haven't met Kelly yet, stop by her blog, Charming Chatter, and enter her giveaway! Don't forget to browse through her selection of Moda fabric.

The title of her giveaway is "Charming Thread Spring Quilt Show". It is her version of an online quilt show, in which anyone can enter one of their own quilts. Kelly will draw random winners from everyone who submits a quilt for the quilt show.

Did I mention the prizes? Well, the 1st place prize is a fat quarter bundle of YOUR choice from her store! The 2nd place prize is a jelly roll or layer cake of YOUR choice from her store! The 3rd place prize is a honey bun of YOUR choice from her store! The 4th place prize is a turnover of YOUR choice from her store!

I have already been wondering around her store and I have a list of things that I would want to win. Right now I have my heart set on some Wonderland by MoMo fabric which she will soon be getting in stock! So watch out girls!

Here is the quilt that I am going to enter in the "show". I had to find a quilt that I haven't shown everyone yet, so this the quilt that I chose to enter.

This is another Joined At The Hip banner. I made the quilt in 2007 and it was my very first attempt at needle turn-applique. I have never taken a class on needle-turn-applique, so I just learned how to do it by trial and error along with advise from my other quilter friends. Since this was my first needle-turn applique quilt, it holds a special/painful place in my collection of quilts. Since then, I have improved greatly and I have grown to love to do needle-turn-applique quilts!

Alright everyone, I hope that you will visit Kelly's blog and enter her quilt show because I would love to see more of your quilts! Good luck to everyone who enters and have fun shopping in her store while you are there! Make a list of which prizes you would like to win because you may be the winner.

Until Next Time.....Happy Quilting!

BTW- Please let me know if you enter the quilt show so that I will know when to look for the your quilt. You can email me or leave me a comment. Thanks again!


Quilt Hollow said...

Is there a link? :-)

Quilt Hollow said...

Got it...thanks. :-)

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Oh, this is so pretty! OM Goodness! I can't believe you did needle turn on this -- what a challenge, especially the letters! It's lovely. I'm so glad you entered Miss Stephanie!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Love your cute little RED house quilt. Adorable!!! That would be so cute hanging on the front porch of a RED house.