Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blog friends are the BEST!

What a GREAT weekend I had with my blog "buddies!" My gal pal from the Quilt Nook made a last minute trip out to see me! She knows that she is welcome at anytime! Then we met "Red", who is just AWESOME!

We did lots of cool things, like shop hop, go to the Country Loft Sew for a Cure Quilt Show, eat, check blogs, cut out hexagons, and think of more quilt projects! Of course I caught the cold that has been going around, BUT I didn't let this stop us from having a good time!

Anyway, I am way behind on downloading my pictures! When I get this done, I will share all of the great stories with you! This could go on for awhile!

Until next time...Happy Quilting!


Mar said...

oh hope you feel better soon. Lucky you to meet up with the paparazzi princess! And I know you and you friend made the most of every minute. Can't wait to see pictures!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

It was just wonderful to meet you and that cute little Quilt Nook. Can't wait to get together again but for longer this time.

Libby said...

Darned summer colds . . . they just aren't fair. Glad you still had a great time!