Sunday, June 29, 2008

Progress Has Begun!

After a weekend of cleaning and caring for a sick child, I was able to complete and start a few projects! I completed Block #1 of Lynette Anderson's Noah's Ark Quilt. This is my very first attempt at stitchery! I went to The Coutnry Loft and purchased Valdani thread. Then I paired the thread with scraps from my scrap basket and away I went.

Everything was going well until I had to make a French knot. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't get it to work! I even consulted my gal pal at The Quilt Nook and she gave me a tutorial over the phone. Of course I could make the knot while she talked me through it, but when I was on my own, NOTHING! I searched the web and found this great video tutorial on Needle n Thread. This site has video tutorials on all kinds of stitches. Check it out if you have any doubts about your stitches or if you just want to learn new one.

And finally, I began working on my Butterfly Garden quilt! I am so in love with this pattern and I can't wait to show you my completed block! I spent hours auditioning fabric from my stash and repositioning things. Here are some of my mini-blocks, which are part of block #1.

Hope you enjoyed my progress!...Until next time..Happy Quilting!

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Jo Jo said...

wow good on you! I dont have butterfly garden BOM even though it's a favourite. I may get it later on though. Cant wait for more progress pictures. Jo x