Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Dilemma!

Well after unpacking boxes and organizing my new house, I have gotten the "itch to stitch"! My gal pal at the Quilt Nook has found another project for us to tackle. LOL! This time we have decided to do Leanne Beasley's Butterfly Garden. I am so excited to do this project that I could scream!

I have decided to do my Butterfly Garden quilt in the YUMMY sherbert colors of orange, yellow, green, and blue. Most of the fabrics that I have chosen are Moda, with one or two others thrown into the mix. The blue floral fabric is from Moda's All Spice Tapestry.

Here are the fabrics separated out into groups:

Ok, here is my dilema. I can't decide on which fabric I should use for the appliqued butterflies. Should I use the pink solid fabric or the brown fabric? When I look at it, the pink seems to bright but I think that it would help the butterflies stand out. Then I think that the brown matches the other fabrics better, but will the butterflies look "silly" in the brown fabric?

Here are more views of the choices:

I am going to use the blue, pink, and yellow fabric to applique the flowers on the quilt. So, which one should I use....the pink or the brown? Please hlep me decide so that I can start working on the quilt!

Thanks for your help! Until next time...Happy Quilting!


Ginger and Pickles said...

hello, I think the pink will be too bright myself but the butterflies might get lost beign brown i would make them blue, have you see leannes blog there is a really nice post of a blue version of the quilt
or i would just buy myself a little bit more fabric in pink tones and use the others for another project
i hope i helped

Cara said...

Hey Gal Pal! Gorgeous fabrics! Can't wait till we start! I actually liek the pink myself! It will be bold but with the overall pattern I think they will be pretty!

Anonymous said...

Either would work. I like the brown best. I think it looks great with the sherberty oranges and the blues. As long as your big butterflies are the darkest in your fabric selection they'll work. Have a huge amount of fun from fabric selection to stitching.

Jo Jo said...

Mmmm.....well.....mmm. Ok I agree with Leanne. The main thing is to enjoy it...I know you will. Jo x