Thursday, May 29, 2008

Do you hate to baste?

If you are like me, I thought that basting was the worst part of the quilting process! No matter how hard I tried, I ALWAYS had puckering! Not to mention, my knees and my back became sore from sitting on the floor!

I no longer have this problem, thanks to my Portable Dream Board by Batesco. My husband spotted the company's booth at the San Diego Quilt Show and he knew that it was something that I would find handy( Yet another purchase that he picked out for me!)

Anyway, it fits right over my ironing board and extends the size of it so that I can press the largest of quilts. However, the best part is its use for basting. I layer a portion of the quilt on top of the board and snuggly secure the layers using the largest size binder clips, which you can buy at any office supply store. The quilt remains in place and I can STAND at my ironing board and baste away!

When I am finished basting a section of the quilt, I remove the binder clips and move the layers up and repostion the binder clips. I keep doing this until I am done and VOILA, "no puckering or back ache!" This is the back of my wall hanging and I think that it actually took me 15 mintues from start to finish to baste this wall haning.

Anyway, I hope that you find this information useful! Until next time...Happy Quilting!

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Jo Jo said...

What a great idea. There is nothing worse than an aching back!! Jo x