Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dear Moda---- (Part 2)

(In case you forgot, please see Part 1 here. )

Dear Moda,

I know that it has bee a couple of weeks and Fall is over,

but here is what you can make with 2 of these:

The first Turnover made these:

I used a more traditional background for these.

The second Turnover made these:

I used a solid background for the quilts that I made with the second Turnover.

Of course I decided to add a few extra fabrics.

I added: (all Moda)  Fig Tree's Buttercream & Fig,

American Primer by Minick & Simpson, Cinnamon Stars by Fig Tree,

Collection For A Cause, & Cotton Blossoms.

All together I made:

2 large table runners, 3 medium table runners, and 4 mini quilts

just by using 2 Turnovers.

I have named them "Fall Into Fall Table Runners".

I kept the two large table runners for myself.

The others were given away as birthday presents, or used as the prizes for

the neighborhood Pokeno groups, or simply sprinkled throughout Blogland.

I enjoyed making them because they are so fast and simple.

I hope that you enjoyed my Fall Into Fall Table Runners!

Until Next Time ..... Happy Quilting!


angela said...

They all look wonderful! The women must have loved those as prizes!

Michelle said...

Those look great! I got one turnover and when I have some time I want to make a mini quilt or two.

Carol said...

Those are all do I get into your Pokeno group? LOL!

Quilt Hollow said...

What is Pokeno? I'm apparently out of the loop!
I feel lucky to have received one of these I see it up close and personal! Even better that way! Thanks again!!!!

Tricia said...

Wow they look great! I'm thinking about picking up some new Moda precuts!

Four O'Clock Quilt Company said...

I just used my first Moda precut. I didn't know what to do about the prewashing, but I'm jazzed about only having to do minimal cutting! I think I'm sold on them!

belinda said...

These are w-a-y cute girl!!! Now
which one of them is mine???

Dandelion Quilts said...

Oh, everyone you give one of these too is just going to love them...and I love seeing how far 2 went. They are perfect.

Christina said...

Hey! There is my awesome mini quilt in that photo!!

Kathleen said...

They look great!

Jeni said...

These are beautiful and my favorite. I love that gobble gobble line to begin with but you really made some great.