Monday, November 16, 2009

What Do You Do?

What do you do when your neighbors ask you

to host the monthly Pokeno game at the last minute?

Say yes of course!

Ooops! I forgot that I will need to give out 2 presents to the winners

and these ladies will expect something handmade!

So, what do I do?

Hmmmm...why call Kelly of course and order these:

(Moda's Gobble Gobble by Sandy Gervais)

Well,I better get busy because I will need to have

things completed by the end of the week!

Until Next Time...Happy Quilting!


angela said...

Love that Gobble Gobble! Can't wait to see what you come with for those prizes.

Michelle said...

NO PRESSURE! LOL! Sounds like fun!

Wendy said...

Nothing like the last minute, I can't wait to see what you come up with. I love Sandy Gervais fabrics.

Quilt Hollow said...

Do you do most things last minute and under pressures?! LOL here!! I'm still remembering the wedding gift!