Monday, September 14, 2009

A Quilting Disaster - Part Two

After dealing with the ruined driving/quilting gloves,
I  began machine quilting again. (This time unhappily.)
Just as I got started again, I noticed that it was a little bit harder to move the quilt under the walking foot.
I took the quilt out and flipped it over. I looked down and saw this:
Somehow the edge of the quilt got caught underneath it and I quilted right over it.
Needless to say, the "Ugly Quilt Buddy" came out and I had a few "not-so-nice" words to say.
(Like "@#$*" !!)
So I spent the rest of the night with this:
and my seam ripper.
These things always happen when you are trying to finish something before a deadline!
Until Next Time...Happy Quilting!


Annette said...

Ouch! I've been there and done I feel for you. Don't get discouraged, its going to be so beautiful in the end.

belinda said...

Aaahhhh....WHAT A BUMMER!!! I do hope 'all is well' now???

angela said...

I was there, too! But I didn't notice until the whole thing was done and I had to pick and try to blend in the repair.

Quilt Hollow said...

What words did you use? What did I read there Missy? We share the same language at times. LOL

Michelle said...

I'm sorry but I busted out laughing!!! I hate that it happened but you might as well laugh...right?

Jenn said...

been there...done it....I feel for you! :)

Millie said...

I have been there too and done it so many times. Thanks for making me laugh!