Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Quilting Disaster- Part One

I use driving gloves.

They were given to me several years ago by another quilting buddy when I was learning how to machine quilt. They are actual driving gloves that are used for driving cars in Japan.

I use them whenever I am machine quilting because they help me grip the quilt better.I love them because they are light weight and literally fit me like a glove.

So-----REWIND to the night when I started quilting my BFF's wedding quilt.

I was happily (well not completely happily) quilting away, when I looked down and noticed this:

Disaster! My favorite driving/ quilting gloves runined!
I stitched them back together, but I think that I will buy another pair from here.
Stay tuned because this wasn't the only hurdle that I had with this quilt!
Until Next Time.....Happy Quilting!


Jantine said...

I buy very cheap gardening gloves, they look quite the same as yours, except the color, mine are bright pink ;-).

Quilt Hollow said...

Uh-oh....looks like you've worn those babies out for sure. Yep, a new due way before Christmas!!

Michelle said...

Who would have thought to wear gloves? I hate that you have worn yours out but I appreciate the tip!

jaybird said...

eek! are all fingers still intact?

Millie said...

It looks like you need a new pair of quilting $1 garden gloves works well too and they come in such pretty colors.

amy smart said...

You have clearly put some good miles on those babies. I'm impressed. Hope you find some good replacements quick. It stinks how much little hiccups can slow the whole process down! Good luck! :)

belinda said...

Well....I must say I have quilting
glove envy....not that you have some (I have some too)...but that you have quilted so much that you have worn yours out!! My gloves are still in pristine condition....I guess you have to ACTUALLY quilt something to wear out a pair huh?