Monday, August 24, 2009

A Personal Touch

They always say that a "Personal Touch" makes a good gift great. So after thinking about how I could make by BFF's wedding quilt really special, I came up with a another plan. Yes this is my second revision to this quilt! And yes...the wedding was last week!

I realized that our handwriting is what makes us unique. I know that in today's cyberspace/cyberworld, we tend to take our handwriting for granted. I know that I can immediately identify my BFF's handwriting and I am sure that she would give you the same response. So I decided to add some of my handwriting to her wedding quilt.

First I went to my trusty box of Valdani thread.
Then I chose something that would "stand-out" on the quilt.
I picked the "rust colored" thread...AKA Valdani Color P6.
Then in my best BIG girl handwriting, I drew their initials and wedding date.
The only problem with my bright idea was that I decided to do after I completed the entire quilt top! I don't use a hoop so it was really hard to gather the quilt in my hands so that I could do the stitchery.

Anyway, here is how my Personal Touch turned out:
It is not my best stitching, but I know that she will see my handwriting and fall in love with it!
BTW- How do you quilt your stitchery projects? Do you quilt around it? Over it? Or not at all? I would love to hear your suggestions!
I also have another personal touch for the back of the quilt. Stay tuned.
Until Next Time.....Happy Quilting!


Screen Door said...

Love the threads-- I just have trouble threading them into needles. I just haven't found the right needles for the job...or the new set of eyes :)

Quilt Hollow said...

I want more of a sneak peek!!! I'm with me here! LOL

Michelle said...

That's a nice touch! And I have to agree with Quilt Hollow...when can we see more of the quilt? I can't wait to see it!

belinda said...

Whew....I'm all caught up with you again....AND I didn't just look at the pictures....I read every WONDERFUL word you wrote in your last 7 posts....LOL..and I want to steal your 'little person' from you!

Sherri said...

Love that box of Valdani! I've quilted around stitchery and had it quilted through. I recently saw some cross-hatching on stitchery at squash house quilts that looked fantastic too! I'm going to try that one of these times!

Zlaty said...

That is really neat to add such a special personal touch to such a big event, like a weding!

I sure your BFF will be trilled!

I haven't done quilting on a stichery project and can't help you there.

Happy quilting!


missi mu said...

G'day Quilt Buddy,

It was good to hear from you! I think your personal touch is really thoughtful. I am sure your BFF will love it.

Missi Mu

Sinta Renee said...

I think it was a perfect finish to your gift.