Thursday, August 20, 2009

And The Winner Is....

I am a "Hands-On" kind of a girl, so I created this "How to pick a winner" tutorial.

Step1: Gather and read all of the awesome Blog comments. Cut them into separate slips of paper.

Step 2: Read all of the awesome blog comments again. Fold the slips of paper in half.

Step 3: Find an awesome container to hold all of the comments.

Step 4: Add all of the awesome comments to the container. Shake gently and stir if needed. (Gosh that it a lot of blog comments!)

Step 5: Reach inside and grab a winner!

And the winner is .....Barb's Creations! Barb please email me your information and I will get your lovely prize in the mail for you!
Step 6: Thank everyone who participated in my "Thank You" giveaway.
I was really touched by all of the wonderful comments that I received! It was fun to catch up with old blog buddies and meet new ones. I wish that I had a prize for everyone!

Thanks again for stopping by my blog! It just wouldn't be the same without all of you.
Until Next Time.....Happy Quilting


Stina said... are a lucky girl.. congrats.. and thanks for the tutorial..;o))))) Maybe I should use that one when I celebrate my 2 years...*S*

Libby said...

Thanks for the 'tutorial' and congrats to the lucky winner *s*

angela said...

That was a fun tutorial!

Quilt Hollow said...

Now that is what I call a tutorial...I want the container! LOL

barb's creations said...

I can't believe I've won.Thank you so much for hosting such a fantastic giveaway.It was nice to come home after a not so great week to find I'd won such a lovely prize.Thank you! I've sent you an email with my snail mail addy.Have a great weekend :) Barb.

Rita said...

You designed an awesome container. I like to use it for my all incoming comments.


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Erin said...

Love the container! :)

Michelle said...

Congrats to the winner! I like the tutorial, thanks!

Michell said...

I really like the tutorial...
Thanks for sharing with us...

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