Monday, January 5, 2009

A New Start

I decided to change my blog header for the New Year. Here is a glimpse of my "blue stash" for everyone who is feeling "blue" because of all of the snow and cold weather!

Sorry Belinda, I changed the header before I read your comment! I'll have to send you some more photos of my fabric basket and my pink stash. Don't worry RED, your color is coming up next!

Until Next Time...Happy Quilting!


Jo Jo said...

Changing your header is as good as a holiday! I am not feeling very blue is 41 degree's here where I live in Australia which is very hot! It is even to hot for a swim in the pool. I wish we could have just a little of your colder weather! I am a pink and green girl so can't wait for more changes! Jo xo

Julz said...

Like Jo am so looking forward to seeing your PINK stash... very muggy and warm here - so your blue stash is very refreshing :) Hugs Jx

Libby said...

A very impressive stash of blue *s*