Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Completed Moda U Blocks

As you may already know, my gal pal at The Quilt Nook and I are doing the Moda U Piece and Plenty quilt. Cara and I started working on the blocks when she came out to visit me back in January. We had so much fun sharing fabric, swapping fabric, and buying more fabric! LOL! Her shop is doing a scrappy look and my shop is using mostly Madeira fabrics.

This is my first real attempt at doing any type of applique. Cara had lots of helpful tips, which really hepled me out!

We actually started with Block #2 (I really don't remember why, but we did). I haven't finished the bottom basket yet because I have decided to change the fabric. After seeing Cara's scrappy quilt, I wanted to change a few things to mine also! Now don't get me wrong, I like the Madeira line, but I think that the quilt looks better with different fabrics mixed in.

So, for Block #3, I started to add differnt fabrics. I am just starting to get the hang of needle turn applique.

Block #4- Somehow when I was changing fabric, I ran out of the fabric that I was going to use to make the handle. (I have to remember to get more of that).

Block #5- I found this one a little bit harder to applique. I am really starting to love the scrappier look. It makes me want to do the other ones over again!

I haven't done block 6 yet because I am not sure what fabrics I want to use. I have changed my mind twice already.
Block 7-I have pieced the backrgound and I am working on the bucket.
Block #8- I am almost done with it. I have a few more flowers to applique.
Hope you enjoyed! Happy Quilting!

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NanaKaren said...

Hi there ~ I love these blocks you're working on! This is going to be a beautiful quilt. Enjoy doing it!